28 April 2007

Oh dear.... soapbox session ahead

Arrgh! I am In The Mood for a Major Rant! I want to Rail against Everything - but specifically anything that comes out from a telly screen. It's all such completely baloney. Such RUBBISH!! Last night, feeling Friday nightish with Indian takeaway in my tummy, curled up on the sofa. I foolishly thought a movie offered for $5.95 on Foxtel would be a Good Idea. ppppfffffffttttttttt..... I watched the biggest load of codswallop ever. Some drivel called "Friends With Money" with four women actors that I thought were half decent. Honestly. It was so boring, so stupid, so unbelievable. If I can see what crap it is, why can't the producers & directors etc? Do theythink the viewers are completely stupid? I did find some solace in chocolate but then this morning, at the gym to work off the chocolates (which came from a grateful patient - thank you Mrs V!), there was more junk on the telly there involving music videos. Honestly, music videos are just an excuse for Soft Porn! And the idiot performers haven't even got enough talent to sing or compose ORIGINAL music - it's all sexed up covers of great songs from the 80's. Bloody pathetic. No wonder little girls think they are fat, ugly & worthless when they are exposed to digitally enhanced fantasy bullshit on Saturday mornings. This comes on top of newspapers/internet news agencies carrying gruesome footage of baby terrorists, pedophiles, death threats against bear cubs & general misery & suffering. I know that stuff is going on - we all do - but do we have to SEE the images? Is it a sick form of entertainment to publish photographs of appalling acts? I think I will start a campaign to go alongside the "Cool The Globe", "Save The Children" and then... "Toss the Telly in the Trash". Bring on Scrabble & backgammon & the good old wireless I say!


lambchop said...

Why don't you just relaaaax & realise that this is the way the world is & there is nothing you can do about it but roll with it baby. It's time for you to come to terms with the changes in your life - those hormones, global warming, political unrest & lack of manners are part of life & you can either fight it & become a cranky old cow or you can accept it & instead of getting down about it, look at the bright side!

swell said...

well Jen I remember your rants about the "mobile phone" issue and how it is all ruining our bubble of peace, 'those mobile people are so ruuuude", invading your newpaper reading time at Beetovens.
circa 1994 I beleive

cranky old cow.....lambchop you are so brave! But it did the trick

COC is your new moniker Jen when things get a little stressful for you there Jen

COC....sounds a bit harsh but it is like a slap in the face when you need it

Hope I haven't been too hard on you