23 April 2007

Raindrops x 10

Hurrah! It rained last night! It's very, very exciting. It rained for... hmmm, let me see.... 4.2 minutes I'd say. But - a raindrop IS a raindrop & each one counts. It has been so, so dry that anything is wonderful. The grass is so dry that it crunches when you walk on it & the leaves on the trees are wilted & drooping off their branches like a dog's tongue after a big run. This is a tree in our street and on the right is the cricket pitch in the park :o(
I have been very encouraged by responses to my new blog! Thanks for all your comments! I think a blog is going to be a great way for me to stay in touch with all my pals. There never seems to be any time these days to make phone calls or write emails. It's a terrible shame but this way, I hope my friends can log in & catch up on my news & drop me a comment any time that suits.

My cousin Stephen in NYC sent me something he had published in an on-line webzine. Here's the link. Check it out! http://www.epiphanyzine.com/

Oh dear, my partner Steve is at high risk of total neglect because he's just come to the study door with the shower bucket (where we collect the water as it heats up) & asked me to toss it in the garden. Well, I am so absorbed right here blogging away that I was like, "yeah, yeah. In a minute", while he stands there in his birthday suit waiting for the empty bucket. Oh, I'd better get my priorities right. Speaking of which, I actually have a job I have to go to today.

Cheerio readers! Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

hey jen you think u got rain! it rained continually ALL DAY today. we wer quite happy tho, me sam and dani played cluedo and watched taped episodes of greys anatomy.... too bad your footy team lost yesterday. oh well i guess manly is just too good! mum is very impressed with your blog!! She was just complaining about how you never reply to emails wen your email came through! nice timing. we love the fotos, thanx heaps. bk to skool tomorrow (boo) but we get wednesday off so i guess its not that bad! anyway i will stop babbling. nice blog xoxoxox alana

Coffee Mate said...

Very distracted by your description of Steve in his birthday suit with the bucket.... Hve a great day tomorrow.

Turk aka Sue Krucker said...

Hello Jen from FNQ ... you want rain ? ... then come back up here ... our pastures are lush and green and our cows and chooks smile with contentment all day long ! Makes me wonder why the Tourism bodies don't jump on board and promote aussies to holiday in FNQ where you are pretty much guaranteed a rainy day or two ! Your 'blogging' is agreat idea ... might consider it myself - one day - but for now my 3 kids and voluntary work ( not to mention the counting of all those raindrops ) keeps me way too busy. Sending love, Turk ( aka Sue )