23 September 2007

Lucky me...

Hi Happy Readers. I have just had The Most Wonderful Weekend Ever! It started yesterday morning with the realisation that another year had clicked over for me & to celebrate the fact, a run along the river was in order. I took off at 6.15am and did 8km. I am pretty sure I could have done ten but I developed an equipment failure in the form of the wires in my sports bra which, probably due to boredom from not having enough breast tissue to support, decided to rub raw spots into my sternum. I had to run with my finger in between the bra & the skin but all this succeeded in doing was to make me look like I was having chest pain whilst running - a state of affairs not minimised by my breathlessness and beetroot red face! As my partner Steve had worked a 16-hour day Thursday, a 19-hour day Friday & then again on Saturday morning so was basically unconscious & unable to shop, I chose my own birthday present (a Pandora bracelet - but not all gold & diamonds.... I'm going to collect silver animals & coloured glass beads) which we were both pleased about. We then headed off to mum's place for the night and oh! what a night! Readers... I can't begin to tell you how PERFECT it was. Yes, okay so mum made me my favourite dinner, which I brought with me from Brisbane due to lack of supplies in Mullumbimby, but, as we drank 14 year-old French champagne (a gift from to Steve from a grateful surgeon - THANK YOU!) and listened to the thunder rolling overhead & the rain falling, whilst watching the forks of lightning over Byron Bay a huge green tree frog tumbled over the gutter above Steve's head, hanging on with one "arm" before falling about 2 metres, unhurt. He was beautiful & I can't remember the last time I saw a tree frog.
The champagne was delicious, the frog was wonderful & on top of this was a firoaring fire to stave off the cool night, a delicious meal, chocolate cake & best of all - my family who I love. It was perfect. Aren't I lucky? :o


heffalump said...

jen, you are fortunate and you are blessed. But it's nothing more than you deserve. You know what the Good Book says - cast your bread on the waters and it will come back to you (buttered and with strawberry jam on). Or something like that, anyway. I'm sure if we search our mythology hard enough we'll find that green tree frogs visit only the most deserving of mortals. What further proof of her intrinsic value could a girl need?

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