29 October 2007

Raining dogs & cats!

What a DELICIOUS morning! The setting: Monday morning, 5.30am & all I can hear is the pelting rain and the distant rolling thunder while the occasional flash of lightning against the morning sky is confirming my decision not to take the brolly and walk the dog. Looks like she misses out today but she's not one bit preturbed. As long as brekky is not far away, the pets are happy. Tim the cat is busy rubbing his head against my hand while I try to type. Yes Tim, I get it, I get it, I really do!!

So different from yesterday when Steve & I took Steve's grand-daughter Jess for a day at the beach. She is five & has only been to the beach once before. She went nuts! She absolutely loved throwing herself into the surf & squealed & ran about all day. I spent the time trying to encourage her to lie down in the waves but, as it was all so new to her, she was a little afraid. We went up to Noosa, which was packed, as usual, but which had the most child-friendly beach & lifeguards etc. Okay, okay so it has a fantastic ice-cream shop too - Massimo's - which we visited, of course! It was a really wonderful summer day thought Steve has a neck as red as ... um... as a tomato, I guess.

Yesterday morning I went for a training run along the river and, thinking I had run 10kms, got very excited when I got back to my start point to find I had done it in an amamzing 51mins! I was so excited that I didn't put two and two together to work out there is no way I could have knocked nine minutes off my best time. As it transpires, I think I ran 9kms. However, that's still a fantastic time so I am pretty chuffed. This morning however, my achilles feel like twigs that are about to snap. It was whilst running yesterday that I encountered another terrifiying phenomenon. As we all know, the man in lycra is NOT a good look, are we agreed? Well, another facet to this is the fat man in lycra with an abdominal hernia!! Yikes! Get a t-shirt on mate!!

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