13 January 2008

Slightly Glowing

Hi Happy Readers
Have just spent the weekend at Main Beach with Steve & his grand-daughter & daughter.  It was really nice.  In fact, it was much nicer than I expected.  I drove down in my new car!  I picked it up on Friday afternoon - a cherry tomato red Suzuki Swift.  The only bummer about the whole deal was that I was rear ended about 2kms from the car yard and I was trading my car in!!  It was a total Freak Out, as you can imagine.  Amazingly - in fact, double amazingly, I did not sustain any damage to my old car so was able to keep a straight face & do my trade-in with no trouble.  My new car is so fantastic. I LOVE it & have already saved 50% in yearly insurance.  That's the reason I'm doing this. I must have been having some sort of midlife crisis to make me buy an expensive Alfa Romeo that was actually just a completely crap car.  Never buy one!  Anyway, here is a photo from the weekend.  This is the view from our balcony at Main Beach, looking south this morning.

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