25 April 2008

Time for a change..

Hi there Happy Readers!

As you will see, there are some Big Changes in store - or actually already actioned. I have decided to attack this blog with renewed vigour, despite my run-in with comment spammers. Stuff that!

It's Anzac Day here & I have been hard at work baking Anzac biscuits for my beloved. They turned out beautifully! I am such a homemaker :o) I am quickly trying to recover from a cold that I've had for two days & am feeling a bit miserable, despite my Domestic Goddess status. No running either & I can feel the balls of my feet itching. Have new shoes & haven't yet worn them! They are bloody gigantic. Size 11. Can you believe it? It's because they don't do half sizes in Australia.

Holidays in one week! Am very excited but, as usual, bit anxious too as I think of things I have to do before we go & trying NOT to think of the $$$ to be spent...

Here are some photos from mum's 70th birthday party last weekend. It was pretty fun. Mum had a fantastic time & that's all that matters.

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Amy Brown said...

I was just thinking about you & how I can't wait to see you tomorrow and since I was on the computer, thought I would check out your blog since I haven't for a while, and what a great day to do it - new pics, new look - it looks fantastic! Though I am sorry to hear you had some computer devils. I hope you are feeling better too! If you aren't up to it tomorrow, let us know cause I don't want you to overdo it, and also, don't go to any trouble, it will just be so good to see you! Love Ames. XXOO