07 May 2008

Fame & (mis)Fortune

Hi Readers!
The WiFi is really, really slow this morning so I may get jack of this & toss it in for today. Let's see how we go. Right-o! Another gorgeous, sunny, hot day in London. Steve even got sunburnt! Yesterday I saw my first Famous Person, although Steve has no idea who he is & that would be because he does not read enough Trash! I saw Arki Busson at "Paul" (a divine French patisserie across the road). He is a Swiss financier who was with my old school buddy Elle Macpherson for years& is now engaged to marry Uma Thurman. Anyway, he didn't notice me at all (how terrible!). Listen, this holiday business is exhausting. We are both completely pooped. Steve has requested a gentle, relaxing holiday, possibly involving lying by a pool reading a book for his next vacation. Whaaaaatttt?? There isn't time to lie around! There are too many things to see & do! However, I agree. We are so tired. This is due to poor sleep & many miles of wandering through galleries (Tate Modern & Portrait Gallery yesterday) & fighting our way through hordes of dratted school excursions. Curse education!! Yesterday Steve & I also dropped in to an ancient old pub off Fleet Street called, "Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese". The pub is possibly the oldest in London & it was creepy folks. Apparently there is a ghost & that is no surprise! The highlight (or possibly lowlight) of our day was our night at Jamie Oliver's restaurant, "Fifteen". We were so tired yesterday afternoon that we came back to the hotel for a little nap before dinner. We were booked for the 6pm sitting so I set the alarm for 5pm. Well, as you already can imagine, did the alarm go off?? N.O!!! We woke at 5.50pm & LEAPED out of bed, went berserk, ran to the Tube & ended up at the restaurant about one hour late. We half expected them to turn us away, it being such a popular place (I booked 4 months ago) but in fact, they were Very Cool & we ended up having a really good night. We did not eat in the actual "posh" restaurant because that was 90 pounds/person but we had a delicious meal in the trattoria. My risotto was brilliant & the chocolate brownie I had for dessert..... ohhhhhh ...... heaven, heaven, heaven. It was sensational (ok, so not very Italian). Something is really weird about this Blogger this morning. I am worried none of this is going to save. I am going to abort the mission & write more tonight after our day. Will post some photos then too. Cheerio!

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