08 May 2008

Goodbye London!

Hi Readers! We are leaving London today & these are my escorts out the gate...We have Heathrow Terminal 5 ahead of us, which is making me very nervous as there have been terrible issues with its opening - including cancelled flights & lost luggage. Gulp. This morning we are going to take a walk in my favourite, favourite London spot - Kensington Gardens - before heading to the airport.
It's another sunny, sunny, sunny, blue sky, hot day. Who said it rains here? Ha... I don't believe it. I came all the way here to get away from all that sun, sun, sun. However, as we are heading north, I think it might get cooler, which will be good as all our clothes are wintery sort of things so that the armpits are a bit smelly & you know how you have to wear the same things for two days at a time....? Is that too much information? Sorry. Have not bought any clothes because they are so expensive. I saw the most gorgeous shirt yesterday but it was 185 pounds!!! That's over $300 so I just didn't do it. We did the Tourist Shopper gig yesterday & hit Oxford Street & Knightsbridge. Oh My Gosh! Harrods was quite eye boggling but completely overwhelming, especially for us who are already in sensory overload. There are so many bags, so many shoes, so many cosmetics, so many "things" to buy!! We did have to get a new suitcase as the one we have got a bit eaten by the monster in the hold of the JAL flight so now has a corner missing. That was our big London purchase.
I think I saw Vera Wang yesterday when we were having lunch at Selfridges with my friend's mum Tricia O'Toole. She was sitting right next to me & I was trying to suss her out but I am Quite Sure ... I think. She had a Chanel bag, a Hermes organiser & a black Amex card so if it wasn't her, it was another woman with a healthy bank balance! Again, she didn't notice me or ask me if I would like to model a wedding gown for her. I don't understand it :o/
Gotto go! Will try to blog from Manchester & Scotland but am not sure what the WiFi situation is going to be up there as we are staying with Steve's mum & she does not have the high tech set up, as you can imagine.
Thank you to all for your wonderful comments, which I love to read! xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi jen, i have had difficulty in leaving you a comment!?#* 2nd attempt... sounds as though u r both having a fantastic time and you are really BUSY seeing the sights... making the most of the spring weather! ps len purchased Chloe from Selfridges.... and i have to say it was a bargain compared to buying in brisbane.
Take care happy travels xoxo Leigh

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen

Miss you much. My mornings are now black! I did see C this am at le coffee shope. She is going crazy without you as well. I assure you I have been reading everyday but too busy to write. I cannot believe that Vera Wang. She doesn't know supermodel when she sees one!
Enjoy leg 3 of your trip. Can't wait to see you next week.

Many kisses.


Michael said...

Hi Jen and Steve
PLS pls jen shop up a storm for me. It's ages til i'm there. Mum loved seeing you both. I'm sure they're locking the scotch away in Scoootland pending your imminent arrival. Loving the blog.
Hels xxx