14 May 2008

Here I am!!

Hi everyone!
Oh I am sooo tragic! I have been missing my blog terribly & am so excited now to see comments from my friends. I am missing you all a lot... I know, I know. I am on holidays & all that but I really DO miss blogging & hearing from my pals.
So, what have we been up to since I last wrote? Hmmm... oh yessss! We have been in Manchester (for 5 minutes) & then drove up to the East Neuk of Fife (a region of Scotland) where we stayed in the cutest little fisherman's cottage right on the harbour at St Monan's. Steve's brother John & his sister-in-law Lesley joined us & we had such a good time. It has been stinking hot in London so it was nice to utilise our warm weather gear in Scotland where it was about 11 degrees. Those of you who really know me (ie all of you) will be pleased to know that I became Very Relaxed while there - as opposed to while I was in London, which I found a bit stressful. I did a couple of runs along the Fife Coastal Path & saw bunnies everywhere & lovely flowers growing wild. We did the whole tourist thing & visited St Andrew's, Crail, Anstruther (& the Fishing Museum) & Pittenweem. As for food.... Oh My Gosh! The food is soooo good! The cheese is brilliant. I am in cheese heaven because the supermarkets have French cheeses as well as the fabulous English ones & none are very expensive at all. Why is cheese so expensive in Australia? French wine too - and Chilean, Sth African & American wines. There is so much choice. On the other hand, the whole hot water/boiler/shower thing is doing my head in. This morning Steve & I had to have cold bird baths because the effin' water boiler thingo didn't seem to turn on... We found a farm shop too & bought the most delicious tasting carrots, purple broccoli & steak pie - all right off the farm. They are very into organic & local produce around here. My battery is about to run out on this computer now... Technology, I think, may be the root of all my stress! I will write until I go flat & come back tomorrow as we are staying somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales with internet access - yippeee! We went to Dundee yesterday to do some of my family history & it was such a disappointment - what a DUMP. It really was depressing - all grey & dull & the people have no sense of humour & all walk around with pinched, miserable faces. Honestly! How could I be related to people who come from there? No wonder they moved to NZ!!
Here are some photos - our cottage at St Monan's, Steve & his brother, the Most Incredible Oysters of All Time at St Monan's & a photo of Kensington Palace, Princess Di's old digs. Better go but I will write again soon - I hope... We are heading back to Manchester tomorrow (Wed) so it will be up to me to get to a Starbucks if I have any hope of blogging until we come home. Miss you! xxxxxxxx


zelda said...

Amazing how a little thanks to pals brings the comments flooding in thick and fast!! Good strategy - guess everyone wants that precious 'friend' status. Glad you've enjoyed the contrasts in weather and culture and scenery. It still is a green and pleasant land, eh? (well, maybe save Dundee, tho St A's and Crail would make up for all that)

swell said...

Welcome back to the blog Jen....have missed you too!

Can you please post a picture of a deep fried Mars bar? Or is this a myth?

SOooooooo enjoying my morning coffee with you


Anonymous said...

The funniest thing happened yesterday. I opened the mail and I found a postcard from Prince William!!! And you thought sitting next to Vera whoever was exciting. Well it seems it isn't working out with Kate for poor Wil and he has asked for my hand! Of course I have to meet Liz and big ears and get the thumbs up but as if they won't be bowled over by my charm.