14 May 2008

Market Town Morning

Hi readers!
It's Wednesday morning here in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. We are staying at The Golden Fleece, a 400 year-old coaching hotel that has floorboards that squeak louder than a gymnast with arthritis. We did a pub crawl last night, in search of food & all that happened was that we drank too much beer. We started at The Black Bull but it was empty & smelled like a "chippy", then we went on The Darrowby which was character filled ++ but we could not understand one word the locals were saying, so we just smiled & sipped our Black Sheep Ale. Next was The Lord Nelson, which was tragic, so only one 1/2 pint there before moving on to The Three Tuns which was lovely & that's where Steve had a Spitfire Ale & I had a Tetley's (not tea). However, no food for sale in any of them! Not even a toasty! We knew we had to get some food down the hatch pronto but this town was d.e.a.d & the only place to eat was the "chippy" or this hotel. It is a beautifully blue sky day today. We have not seen one drop of rain. Today we are heading back to Manchester via Castle Howard, which is one of those National Trust properties so that should be good. There is a massive football game on in Manchester tonight - something to do with the UEFA Cup Final & it's between the Glasgow Rangers & a Russian team. Manchester should be good'n'scary this evening so we shall stay well away from any pubs there tonight! Cheerio! xxxxx
PS: To give you an idea of the cost of petrol here in the UK, it costs approximately $100 to fill our rental car (an Astra) - gulp! I am trying not to think about the pound & the dollar or I will make myself ill... :o(


The Other Jen said...

Phew! Need to comment on all these things separately - the chills are running up and down my spine (not least caused by memories of manky pubs and maybe just a little by the fact it's 12.29am on a fresh new Brissie late autumn day). With best part of a year in Yorkshire under our belts (which I still haven't got out of my system and probably never will), your description of the pub crawl in Thirsk was enough to have me calling up the travel gal pronto! Did you do a brewery tour or the James Herriot Experience? (bit cheesy, but fun. Even Steve would have loved it!), or a drive through the North Yorks moors?
And you've even managed a Brideshead Revisited - regards to Anthony and Jeremy. 'Jealous' comes no way close. Did you get to York or Harrogate? Those fabulous towns!! Won't tell my Yorkie pals you could understand nary a word, lass. Just wish I'd known you were headed there and I could have fixed you a date with some friends who'd have you speaking like a local in no time. Maybe I won't mention to Marco that you'll be in Manchester for the big match when the best he can do is set the alarm for the live SBS telecast in the dead of night. Some folks have ALL the fun!
Safe home, Jen & Steve. See you soon.

swell said...

Well Jenny....I grew up wearing a sporran, being a highland dancer for so many years, so I am WAY impressed with that collection!

Hugs petal



Off to meet Elton John tomorrow...deciding what to wear and what witty thing I can come up with
Of course I will get stage fright and nothing will come out right...if at all