01 May 2008

Pre-holiday stress out :o(

Oh gawd...!  I am SO my own worst enemy.  I have gotten myself quite stressed in preparation for our holiday on Saturday & I am not quite sure why.  Maybe it's part of the aging process.  You know, getting "set in my ways" or something senile like that.  I am worrying about everything! My Worry of the Moment (WoM) is that our house is a piggery & our house sitter will think we are hogs.  I need to wipe the 'fridge out, worm the cat, buy some new Wettexes...   Pack!!  Not that I am taking too much stuff.  Am meeting my friend's mum at Harrod's next week in the handbag dept so that should be a bit of a laugh (Steve is currently oblivious of this fact).  Here is a photo of my godchildren with their new pup, a Staffy called "Chili".  Will write more soon - from Japan, hopefully (ie barring any duty free bag incidents or issues with WiFi in Tokyo)

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