04 May 2008

Tokyo brekky

Hi again!
Looks like I'm going to bombarding you with blogs, doesn't it? I just have so much to tell you! We just had our brekky downstairs at the buffet. I, of course, decided to continue my culinary odyssey & hooked in to the local fare. I mistakenly started with a little packet of something called, "Fermented Soybeans". Mmmm, delicious (I thought). Well, once I'd peeled off the cellophane top, oh my heavens! The smell that invaded my nostrils was not dissimilar to that of a pair of wet, sweaty socks left under the dog for a week. Eeeewch! On top of that, the beans were all stringy. It was most unsettling & I have to confess that I chickened out on that one. Instead, I settled for miso, pickles, a piece of grilled squid (which was a bit like a fishy wettex), some seaweed (I think) & a tiny red plum which I popped into my mouth, only to quickly pop it out again as it was so sour!! What an exciting breakfast! Steve maintains that his breakfast was Japanese too.... Japanese eggs, bacon from Japanese pigs, croissants made in a Japanese bakery. What a cop out! However, he may well be the wiser of the two of us as last night's raw fish fest has come back to bite me a little & we have a 14 hour flight ahead of us :o( Did I tell you about the smokers already? Oh brother... can't wait to wash our clothes. Everything smells of smoke. We just caught an elderly Japanese gent, weighing approximately 32kgs, puffing away at the elevators. Steve was thrilled he would never have to give him an anaesthetic. Cheerio! Time to get ready for the next leg.
PS: no gym here after all so have missed out on a run :o( Can you believe I am even lamenting that? Who'd have thought? xxxx

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zelda said...

Dear Ms Superblogger (you can choose whether that means Super Blogger or Superb Logger - whichever fits)
Thanks for finding time to keep you fans informed. But - where is the pic of you'n'Steve in the stripey jammies??
Will look forward to more (and more) udates. Happy travels