15 June 2008

Squeaking & Creaking

Hi Readers
Well... more big noting.  Anyone would think this blog is just here for me to gloat & big note myself!  This morning I ran Twenty Kilometres.  I did it in 2hrs 5mins & 23secs.  A personal best - because I've never run that far before!  Needless to say, it was quite excruciating.  Now I know I will definitely be able to do the Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon in three weeks from today. All I can say is thank goodness for anti-inflammatories!  Grooooaaaann.. :o( 
On a happier note, here is a photo of little Chilli at 12 weeks old.  Isn't she gorgeous? She is so adorable.  Everyone is getting "puppied up".  Steve's grand-daughter Jessica has a new black labrador pup called Chloe and Uncle Terry in Minnesota is just about to get a white standard poodle called Coco. Big sigh... Meanwhile, crabby LillyP is out the back lying in the sun & possibly dreaming of her own puppyhood, though it seems she may be developing a small dose of "cranky old lady syndrome".  Swellgal has been living it up in Bali at a meditation retreat & kindly forwarded me some photos of some of the truly hideous food she's had to force down recently.  She also lashed out at Paspaley (obviously the result of too much Elton & the good life in the Darwin Paspaley shop!).   I'm having wild spasms of jealousy - especially at that bath...  Think I need more medication.  It's so cold today, despite sunshine & blue sky.  Brrrrr..... Oooo, just remembered it's Jane Austen on telly tonight! "Northanger Abbey".  What do you think it means, to be "addicted" to Jane? Maybe I will be enticed to do some ironing? 

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