06 July 2008

Blithering Wreck

Skye, Jen, Tracy & Chrissy post-run
Being ready for the Big Run
Bit of a pre-race breeze!

Hooray to me! It's done! I have run my first ever 1/2 Marathon and finished it - and I didn't walk any of it! I am so proud of myself although I am completely and utterly exhausted. Every single muscle in my lower body is screaming in pain. I wonder if I will actually be able to crawl out of bed tomorrow... The weekend on the Gold Coast was really fun, and the run was fun too, until about 18km when it turned from fun to utter torture. It was quite a mental challenge to push myself for those last 4 kms. I wanted to stop so badly but after 7 months of training, and 18kms already run, how could I? So, I HAD to run. I made in across the line at 2hrs 9mins 10secs (although I have to say that the official time on the website is incorrect & if they don't fix it, I will be forced to Write a Letter to them...) I was so relieved to have made it that I couldn't stop crying once we'd finished. I have No Idea why I was so teary... My friends were all doing the full Marathon so I spent the rest of the morning cheering people along. There were a few funny sights & a few terrible ones (people collapsing & looking half-dead). My general feeling at the end was that there was no way I would ever do that again. Sheer Madness! But now that I'm home, maaaaybe again next year??? The atmosphere was so great & when I saw how many Old Ladies were running the full marathon... well, I feel like a complete pussy. I need to get tougher & run, run, run!


Anonymous said...

WooHoo Jen. You're number 1 in our eyes! Congratulations. Should I start running too I wonder....Ali just laughed quite rudely at me..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeni,
Well done, my friend, what a fabulous achievement! Keep on running...after you have had a rest for a bit first:-), Sally