19 September 2008

Chapter One

... which I will entitle, "The Tale of the Dastardly Kidneys" (or, maximum time in tiny toilet at 20000 feet). Here we are now at Hong Kong airport after a Very Lovely Flight with Virgin Atlantic, who have plied us non-stop with ice-cream, fruit, movies, cocktails, juice etc for the past 9 hours. Best of all, readers, thanks to my dad & because it's Steve's birthday, we flew Premium Economy & I have to say that I think it might have been a BAD idea because I don't think I will be able to Go Back!! Oh No! :o( Have to go. It has takken me about 40 mins to write just this due to connection issueas etc & we are about to board for next long leg (16 hours). See you en Paris mes amis xxxxx

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