24 September 2008

More snaps

Doesn't Steve look sporty and active here? See the sign for deer? We didn't see any today though but I guess, like kangaroos, they come out at dusk & dawn.

This is a typical vineyard though I am not sure if anyone lives in these tiny little cottages. Maybe a caretaker?

This was the staircase to our 17th century hotel room, avec creaking floorboards, in Beaune. Yes, we carried our luggage both up & down this set of turret stairs, and two others.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen

I miss you much. Had a oh la la la experience myself at Montrachet for "Le Anniversary". It made me feel close to you as I sucked on my creme brulee.

Sounds like you guys are having a fabo time. I sent you a text for your birthday but have since been informed you are not on roam.

Hope you birthday was special.