03 October 2008

More from Belgium

To cheer oneself after a day of sadness... the Belgian chocolate shop window. No, I didn't buy anything! Well, not from this shop at least :o)

These are the Canadian trenches I was telling you about. The trees were not there 90 years ago. They have grown back.

A couple of friendly locals utilising the battlefields for much better things now - namely, good grass!

The beautiful Canadian memorial at St-Julien. It really was a beautiful piece of sculpture - very tall (this is a close up) of this soldier, with his hands on his upturned rifle butt. He had the most serene, gentle face... I was quite transfixed.
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Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home Jen.

see you monday morning for an extensive de-briefing on the holiday. Should I get in extra early??

L.F xx