18 January 2009

The Big Cheese

Is this piece of fromage just TOO BIG?  Does it give you chest pain just looking at it?  And look closer... it has a piece of plastic wrap amongst it.  Did I eat that too?  Probably, being the pig I was about my first slice of French cheese last September in Paris.  Oink, oink, oink.  Lipitor, here I come.  I am watching a car sitting out the front of our house.  That's because we have our "For Sale" sign up.  Yesterday was our first open house & there were over 20 groups through. Today there were 9 groups, including one from yesterday.  The agent said it was the biggest open house he's had in over six months, which is reassuring.   Meanwhile, we are deeply entrenched in negotiations on our block of land, which is completely exhausting us.  The real estate "game" is not for me.  Steve & I decided to break up the stress this weekend by visiting Tiffany & Co to see how I could spend the Christmas voucher from my boss.  Let me tell you that it is Hard Work being "forced" to shop there!  Everything I liked was well over the Christmas budget!  @#$%^
Today we hit the movies for the first time in months and saw "Slumdog Millionaire" which I was ambivalent about I'm afraid.  I found it quite distressing, despite there being an underlying theme of hope and love.  Hmmm....  maybe one has to be in the right frame of mind for it?


swell said...

it's OK...that lettuce will have cancelled everything out

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure. That's pretty manky looking lettuce!