26 May 2009

Bus Love

I've just caught the bus home from the city for the first time since we moved in.  Peak hour on a Tuesday night.  You can imagine....  The lurching through the city traffic must be healthy for young people's libido however because my bus was a seething pit of sensuality.  There were couples kissing, fondling & caressing each other in front, beside and behind me (this last bit is actually not fact.  I just typed it because it sounds good).  I had no idea the grating gearbox & sighing air brakes could be so passion inducing!  Hmm.  Speaking of passion, my friend Swell in Maningrida has sent me a book that apparently is "making headlines in all the right blogs".  Well, this blog is now one of those.  I have no idea what it's about but upon reading the back cover, I read that it is about women and sexuality and is guaranteed to make you squirm in your seat as it is very confronting.  Better make sure I AM reading it on the next peak hour bus!!  It's called "Wetlands", a title which in itself makes me nervous.  According to the Environment Dept website, wetlands are "a critical part of our natural environment and provide an important range of environmental, social and economic services".  However, I don't think this book is anything to do with birds or frogs.  Alternatively, read this article that I found on Times Online.  

Are you wondering about my headgear?  Isn't it fab?  I can't wait to go swimming although I think it will slow me down a bit...  Possibly it will be perfect for my next synchronised swimming carnival! This was included with the book and I never cease to wonder where Swell finds these exotic gifts when she is based in a remote Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land but I should never lose faith in her because she is The Queen of eBay and all internet shopping!! 

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