13 June 2009

Flicked in the face

I am being flicked in the face by my cat's tail as I type because HE WANTS HIS DINNER & I am ignoring him, in the pursuit of "literature" (ie blogging).  If I'm not careful however, Tim the Cat will go & Pee with Purpose into my sofa or onto my rug, just to spite me.  Needless to say, I am counting up his lives & contemplating life without a cat...  I know, I know.  I do love him but, he has his moments!  Unlike Lil the Dog who is pretty perfect, despite being seriously spoiled this week by all the women who have been staying at our house. 
Mum's partner Pete is in ICU at one of the big hospitals here, on a ventilator, and almost carked it this week following acute sepsis brought on by an infected aortic graft.  Basically, he was a MESS on Monday night, requiring emergency surgery.  So, his three daughters and mum have been staying here for the last week and despite Steve having to live with five women (six if you count the dog), it has been quite fun really.  And best of all, Pete has defied all the doctors' expectations and seems to be recovering much better than anyone every thought.  He has a a long road of recovery ahead of him but it seems he is through the worst of it.  I went to see him for the first time today & he was able to recognise me, despite having tubes coming out of every orifice!  I seem to have taken a leaf from The Bakewell Tart's book because I have baked myself daft this week, whipping up a batch of choc-chip cookies and brownies on Wednesday, a pount cake last weekend and today, a banana cake!  Mostly they have turned out okay but Nigella need not fear that she is about to lose her crown as Queen of the Kitchen.  By the way, here is a photo of me with my Medal!  I had never received a single medal or trophy in my life until I started running & now I am getting quite a collection.  
Well, enough from me for the time being.  Adios! 


susie gray said...

Oh Jen that is great news about Pete! Also, you are your own version of Nigella and a mighty fine one too. x

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

dear jen, greetings from across the globe! i hv read some of your entries with such pleasure and giggles! Sure is colourful here! was taken aback by the picture of the snake though - guess australia's famous for snakes! anyways, glad to read Pete is on the road to recovery, congrats on the medal and fyi, we love Nigella! we try to watch her on BBC as often as we possibly can... will come back for more soon, hugs for now = ) Mush from Ghent, Belgium