01 June 2009

Too sad..

Oh readers....  You will all surely know why I am despondent today.  Susan Boyle didn't win "Britain's Got Talent"!!!  I can't believe it.  I am In Shock.  And it seems Susan has crumbled too as I hear tonight she has been admitted to The Priory after having some kind of nervous breakdown.  The poor woman.  Imagine having tootled along all your life, invisible to all & then suddenly be thrust into the international limelight.  The pressure must be enormous & impossible to fathom.  ANYONE would drop their bundle, let alone a reclusive, middle-aged, socially outcast spinster.  Upon reflection, I am pleased she did not win because I don't think she has the right personality to manage the hype.  She seems to lovely and genuine and "normal" to manipulate the fame to suit her.  She will be just fine in a quiet recording studio singing her songs with that incredible voice & going home to her new house to enjoy a cup of tea with Pebbles.  

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