20 July 2009

Love Your Mother

I know it's not Mother's Day or anything like that but I am feeling full of love & gratitude for my mother Diana & I just wanted to rave about her, & motherhood in general today on my blog. My mum is just the Very Best mum I could ever want. She has just spent the weekend here & dragged me along to the art museum at the University of Queensland to see an exhibition & while I was initially reluctant to attend, I wanted to keep mum company & I'm so glad I did because it was fascinating! The gallery itself is an architectural delight but I discovered an artist there that I'd never heard of, Ben Quilty, who was having an exhibition of really "out there" paintings, which I lived a lot. He really slaps the paint on in great globs. It's fantastic! This is one from his car series.

So, thanks mum for that revelation. And the other weekend, there was mum waiting for me at the end of the 1/2 Marathon on the Gold Coast. She had gotten up extra early & driven an hour north, found a parking spot & then walked miles to find me - just to see me finish. I was so tickled pink. I really, really was. Have I posted this photo before? I love it because my mum looks so happy and so beautiful. This is not me. It's my brother Hugh.
And now I have come home from work to find she has done all my ironing! She has even ironed a grotty old rag AND she ironed the doona cover! Isn't she wonderful? I am feeling extra good about my mum because I have one and some people I know do not. Did I tell you that mum & I have almost identical dentition too? She is one step ahead of me though because her front tooth is finished & mine has a little way to go before I have a smile as lovely as hers. I did want to get a photo of us prior to repairs but she refused & I can't understand why because I am always happy to flash my toothless smile. Hmmm....
This weekend mum came along to see me run in the Jetty to Jetty 10km run where I did my best ever time for that distance, despite there being a couple of hideous hills at the end. Groooannn. I came 23rd out of 125 women in my age group and am Really Pleased with myself!


Anonymous said...

Jen!! That is fantastic running. It must put you in about the top 18% of the field! Well done. And of course Diana is a wonderful mum! Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Susie x

Anonymous said...

Well done Jen! I am so impressed with all your abilities! Your mother IS so wonderful, and so gorgeous! You are so alike.... in your wonderful gorgeousness!!
Talk soon xx Leigh