02 August 2009


Hi readers
Oh, where does the time go when I find I haven't blogged for a week or more but I don't recall what happened to the time in between? And of course, I feel I don't really have much to blog about, despite lots of things going on in the ensuing time. We have been very busy at work & have a new website. There is a link to it on this blog somewhere because I was able to link it to my blog - I'm just not sure of the format of it. Check it out however & I welcome any feedback!
My brother is in Kabul now but it sounds like he's a bit bored, despite a rocket attack there earlier in the week. My cousin's daughter Bolivia is no longer coming to Australia in two weeks, which is a major shame but I totally understand. So... Steve & I are planning a little holiday for ourselves, which will be great. I wish we had enough time (& $$$) to fly over to the US for four days!! I am always wanting to see my cousins and uncle etc. It is so great now that we can all keep in touch so well via Facebook & gmail & instant messaging etc. But, as with everyone, the time factor is a problem as we are all so busy. Here are some photos of my wonderful American relatives. I love them all so much and miss them terribly. This is my cousin Jonathan below. He lives in LA.
This is Stephen, Bolivia's dad, with his beautiful wife Diane. They live in Brooklyn.

This is Peter, who lives in Austin, TX and Uncle Terry who lives in St Paul, Minnesota. He is my dad's brother.
This is the gorgeous Violet, Bolivia's sister, just before her school dance this year.

And this is Ellis, one of Peter's three daughters. She & I chat quite frequently so possibly she has inherited my mad communication gene? Poor girl...

Oh, and of course, here is my cute-as-a-button baby brother, circa 1965, showing all signs of being a journalist at 6 months old.
Better sign off now & work on our holiday arrangements. It's just two weeks away so we'll see what's available. Fly by the seat of my pants for a change. It will do me good to be impulsive.

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