09 September 2009

T.I.M.E (a four letter word)

Hell... Where does the time go?  I haven't blogged (again) for yonks.  In fact, Blogger have changed the layout of their site in the time it's taken me to get back on for a blog.  I have had LOTS of ideas of things to blog about, but then I don't write them down, the moment passes and here I am, a week later with not much to say!  Today, while I waited for Spud to collect me, I watched a man walk by that I have watched many times before.  I notice him all the time because he looks so ... miserable.  Honestly, he has the saddest face. He was looking especially gloomy tonight.  He always does the same thing - walks up the Terrace with his bag over his shoulder and a smoking a cigarette with his sad, sad face.  Tonight he was carrying a plastic bag with a loaf of bread (white) in it.  I wonder why he is so glum.  Maybe he's not!  Maybe he is a Really Jolly Person?  Hmmm....  I don't think so & then my hyperactive imagination starts to conjure up a million reasons for his misery.  The people around us all have their own story don't they?  This week I was buying my boss' lunch downstairs in the coffee shop when a lady suddenly passed out & hit the ground - hard & head first.  She wasn't very old.  Luckily her head was not bleeding & Harry the chef gave us two frozen seafood baskets (in bags) to apply to her bump.  And I always thought those seafood baskets came straight rom the ocean to me...  The saddest part was that she could not name one person who we could call to take her little boy.  Why is that?  Where are her friends and family?  So, I am thinking that possibly I should learn to Blog as I go along during the day.  As something pops up.  No??  Spud is watching a show about General Custer but I can't bear to watch it.  It's too depressing.  I have been to the site of the battle and it is very, very eery. I want to check my family tree & make sure none of my pioneering relatives were anywhere near there in 1876.  I am not going to run tomorrow.  I am going to take LillyP for a big, big walk instead. I am too sore to run.  My pelvis has fused, I am sure of it.  Or is it part of the ageing process?  I am not impressed.  Cheerio! 


Anonymous said...

you will NEVER have noone to call in an emergency....(especially with that pelvis of yours)

Susan Buret said...

Anonymous is cheeky.
You need a Moleskine to jot down those blog ideas the minute you have them. I have several but can never find one when I get an idea