08 November 2009


Hi readers

Do you want the bad news first?  I didn't bring the cable that enables me to transfer my holiday snaps to this laptop!  Derrrrr....  I brought the charger.  I brought the case.  I brought the camera...  @#$%.  So, no photographic evidence of the superb time Spud and I are having in our seaside paradise, here at Moffatt Beach.  The apartment we are staying in is absolutely gorgeous and is the nicest holiday accommodation we've stayed in.  Everything is d.e.l.u.x.e.  We are literally a stone's throw from the beach (if you know anyone who can throw a stone around a corner of course!) and we head to the sand at least twice a day with LillyP who is thoroughly enjoying the delights of a family holiday.  The weather has been glorious and all is good with the world.  I'm afraid I am completely and utterly addicted to being on holiday.  I'm not making matters easier by spending my idle hours reading "Gourmet Traveller" and Conde Nast's "Traveller" magazine.  Yesterday we ventured north to Noosa, ostensibly for the National Park, but the reality involved Massimo's ice-cream.  I'd love to report more excitement from our holiday base camp but it's been all about reading (Three Cups of Tea), sleeping, eating (barbies every night, prawns, ice-cream, fruit....) and generally being two giant vegetables.  I will continue to take photos however and will just post them once we get home next week.  Of note to all other lily-skinned readers is that I have had what I would call Seriously Excellent Faux Tan Results with a tube of Sun Sense Self Tan .  It gives a really natural result, with no streaking or stripes which is remarkable for me ,not being the best at applying this stuff!  Listen to me... I sound like one of those dreadful advertisements on day time telly.  Grooaaaannn.  Back to my book now.  Cheerio!

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Anonymous said...

but do you smell like a big stinky fake tan???