23 December 2009

Name Change

Readers, this is just a quick, semi-conscious blog to tell you that I've changed the name of the blog to "The Daily Chocolate" and wish to announce that Today's Daily Chocolate was a dark choc covered orange rind.  However, I've also munched a piece of delicious caramel fudge, one cocoa-covered marzipan ball and the corner off a lump of dark chocolate with hazelnuts that mum bought today.  So... possibly I should rename the blog, "The Daily Porker" or "Travels of a Greedy Gourmand".  Also, on a consumption note, have decided to change my name to Jenever after a delicious little aperitif I've discovered here in Belgium. It's like midazolam in a glass!  Wonderful to calm the nerves (when you discover your Travelex Cash Passport isn't working.  I swear this holiday is going to result in a liver transplant for me... ) Anyway, JENEVER. Check it out and I will have one for you all.  It does wonders for warding off the cold too!  And did I mention the beer brewed by Trappist monks?  We went to Brugges today AND it snowed again but I am too tired to write about it now - sorry!  I promise to do so tomorrow and also download some photos.  I blame it all on my namesake beverage.  It's Not My Fault!  I am a victim of Sightseeing Overload!!

1 comment:

swellgal said...

Keep up the good work Jenever....of both blogging and pigging out.
Love to wake up to your posts!!!!
Merry Christmas hugs and kisses