02 January 2010

Shoe-riffic in Manchester

Oh dear readers1
I am at the Palace Hotel in Manchester, blogging on the concierge's computer in the lobby, listening to the BeeGees and bopping away (a little bit)!  Hence, no photos.  I'm afraid to say it but Manchester is NOT internet-friendly, despite being England's 3rd largest city (or something).  I can have internet access here, but it will cost me £15 for 24 hours (about $30AUD).  I was given a card for 2 hours free internet, but of course it isn't working, is it?  I am desperate (!!) to fill you on the latest instalment of our holiday, which involves snow flakes, a broken down car, shoes for giant feet and some strangely dressed men but you will just have to wait until I can get proper internet time. This may occur tomorrow morning when Starbucks opens at 9am....  Cheerio and much thanks to Joe at the Palace Hotel for being so kind as to let me use this computer.  Everyone we have dealt with on our holiday, in Belgium, London and here have all been so helpful, kind and friendly.  It's been quite amazing really because I am suffering from terrible Tourist Blindness.  Oh, here's one of my favourite Bee Gees songs.... gotto go dance across the terazzo floor!  Cheerio!

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Susan Buret said...

Jen your holiday sounds wonderful. I just want to run off to the V&A now. I can't beleive there is still a Pizza Express near the British Museum. I used to hang out there on my first trip to London in 1970. Does it still have red sewing machine table bases?