25 April 2010

Loss and love

Hi readers
Here is a lovely photo of Zoe & James, children of some friends of mine.  I am loving baby James' sweet little smile.  I am sitting here wearing my Skins (compression leggings) as I attempt to recover from an 18.7km run this morning along Brisbane River.  It's the furthest I've run since last year and my body is in shock as a result.  I am running the Noosa 1/2 Marathon in 4 weeks exactly so that will be an interesting experience.  This morning's run has basically rendered me useless.  Kind of like a healthy non-alcoholic hangover.  All I want to do is lie around, moan and take pain relief.  Sound familiar?  I did burn 1300 calories however, according to one of my buddies' fancy running watch.  Mind you, I might have just put a few of those lost calories back on as I just had to eat ONE PIECE of chocolate to ease the pain! 
My friend Paula's new pup, Bobby.  
A buddy, Pedro has been asking me about blogging and wanted to read this blog to see how its done.  Not being a major fan of my own blog, I directed him to use the button at the top of this blog, entitled "next blog" to view some other examples of the Blogger blog.  Well, yesterday I decided to take a look to and I have to say that I was a tad alarmed to find that, of the next six blogs following this one, four were written by distraught couples trying to conceive.  The order of blogs must rotate each day because today, when I go back to double-check on this, I see new blogs.  It was quite distressing to read some of the things these people had written, about their struggle to become parents and I really felt sad for them.  Maybe blogging helps them to get it off their chest?  I myself have missed out on the parenting pleasure, a fact which used to bring me to tears on a regular basis, but I can't do anything about it other than to fill my life with other fun, such as travelling and running and .... blogging!  I've neglected to tell you all (ie to gloat and brag) that I've had ANOTHER article published, this time in Run 4 Y Life magazine, on page 61 of this month's issue. 
Unlike my article in Runners World, this time not one word of my story was edited!  I've since written another story, which may be published in the next issue of the same magazine.  As yet, no money has crossed my palms, but I am feeling quite pleased with myself and also a bit more confident to try another article. 

I know how well a photo goes down on the blog and even though what I've written today has nothing to do with these people, I hope you enjoy some of this week's favourite photos.  These people are my cousin and his twin daughters.  Beautiful girls - I wish I could see them more often, but it means moving to Austin, TX, which is not really so convenient right now.  Speaking of holidays though, nothing like a flight to LAX with a transfer to Austin is there?  Besides, there is a running shop there that I'd like to see, RunTex and there are plenty of interesting sounding, shortish runs I could do.  
Now, back to lying on the sofa.  Oh, if only I had a physio student living with me!  Or a massage therapist!  Big sigh....

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