13 May 2010


I am pining for my co-worker, Cherry.  She has abandoned me for 4 weeks to visit The Homeland.  I am desolate.  All those fun work things we do together, like going to the bank via the sushi shop or travelling on the free Loop bus with those inebriated, toothless, foul-mouthed itinerants or sipping coffee on the Terrace while mynah birds try to steal crumbs of our carrot cake....  All are meaningless events now that I cannot share them with Cherry!  Woe is me.  As of last weekend, her husband didn't seem to be missing her one jot, instead chosing to "Man Party" in a manner which involved cooking his favourite potato-laden, meaty, carb-loaded, tasty, cheesy, non-green meal from the Jamie Oliver cook book.

This behavioural pattern is not limited to Cherry's other half because Spud thinks along the very same lines, as do most men, I'm sure, if quizzed heartily enough.  Spud's already fantasising about the corned beef he is going to cook when I go to Noosa next weekend to do my first Half Marathon of the year.  In fact, I think he may actually be wishing I would leave THIS weekend!

Not only does he fantasise about corned beef and the sandwiches and hash that he can make on Days 2 and 3, but he dreams of SPAM burgers too.  This is a man upon whom the joy of a homemade chocolate or a good fromage is truly and utterly wasted.  Monty Python was all over this years ago.  Check this out! 

My secret "home-alone" meal is Mexican food, with lots of beans and guacamole and melted cheese. I tend to go for this in a biggish way when Spud is away, and quite often it's with disastrous results involving terrible tummy cramps! Then there's the ice-cream, the chocolate, more cheeses.... Thank goodness I don't live alone or I quite possibly would be as big as a house!

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swellgal said...

Thanks for the giggle Jen...this is my favourite post so far.
Have you been drinking?