06 February 2011

Time to reinvent…?

Oh heck.  Go on!  Scream it loud from the rooftops….  This blog is not only boring & tedious but it's never updated!  I heard you.  Shall I just dump it & start again?  I am having an urge to dump all things techno & revert to pencil, pen & paper.  I am also having an urge to dump my Facebook page and my mobile 'phone.  The whole lot just gets up my goat 
It primarily gets up my goat because computers & HTMLs & sim cards etc make absolutely no sense but also, this danged blog reminds me constantly that I am NOT writing - when I should be writing instead of working, ironing, watching shit on TV…  Thank goodness I am not PAID to write or I would be utterly broke & living in a cardboard box.  I had thought about entering a short story competition (for the first time in my life) but have done zero further about that.  Then the lightbulb that is my brain contemplated a blogging workshop via the Qld Writer's Centre and hey, guess what?  Nothing further done on that either.  Okay, so I am basically tormented by my own guilt. I even feel guilty reading a damned book.  Get OVER IT! 
Right-o…. Here we go then!  Since my last post, Queensland has been further deluged, this time up north and via Cyclone Yasi, a Category 5 "breeze", which basically blew the small towns of Tully, Mission Beach and Cardwell to kingdom come.  Someone sent me this image of Cyclone Yasi as it would appear if over the US.  Crikey! 
This here is Hinchinbrook Marina at Cardwell.  

Amazingly, no-one has been injured but it is (as usual) heartbreaking to see people's lives destroyed.  Honestly, anyone who thinks the weather is NORMAL, needs their head examined.  The last few days, Sydney has been roasting in 40 degree heat (104F), Melbourne has been flooding and Perth is on fire.  Just how much more can Australia take?  And of course, let's not forget the snowstorm in the US and the pre-Christmas snow chaos in the UK.  
On a lighter and more jolly note, concerning running and all things of that nature, my Marathon Pre-School group "graduated" yesterday and I'm proud to say all seven new runners who have been consistently coming since last September are well on their way to being able to run their first half-marathon this year.  I am hoping to continue coaching a real beginner group, for people who have yet to run their first 10km event.  I am still lacking some confidence and alot of knowledge but I guess it will come to me with time.  I have a couple of books to read about the subject but have yet to really get into those (see Paragraph 2).  I am also tossing up the idea of running my very first ever Marathon (42.2km).  However, I am still "in the closet" on that one, knowing that once it is Out There, I will have to follow through and to be honest, I am a bit scared…  I found a good blog called RunShuffleRun, being written by a guy who is also training for his first.  I like to read it, but it occasionally makes me nervous to see how much he is running already!  Maybe I shouldn't read…. As part of my preparation for Marathon Season, I have decided to shed a few kilos, figuring a lean body is going to help me go longer. I won't have that extra bag of potatoes to lug around with me. I joined Weight Watchers on-line and two weeks down the track, I have lost 4 kilos!  I actually don't feel or look any different but I am certainly learning how perilous red wine and cheese are!  I should post some more photos right about now, don't you think?  Okay, I will.  Spud took me out to lunch today, to Lurleen's and it was absolutely fantastic!  
My lunch of crab & prawns & mangoes & avocado followed by a caramel souffle with fresh figs & honey was worth every Point of my diet.  Besides, I DID put myself in credit 17 Points today with a 90 minute run along a very hilly track through Brisbane Forest Park.  I have no shame.   
Looking back over this blog entry, I am fearful of turning into one of those ultra boring types who raves on about their diet and exercise all day.  Yawn.  Sorry folks.  No more I promise!  But can I not keep posting food photos?  

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Shane Baker said...

Good to see you back Jen. Sounds like a call to action on the writing front.