02 May 2011

Holiday hoorays

Hi readers! I have been EXTREMELY remiss in my blogging while we've been on holidays but my excuse is rock solid. No wi-fi!! I am currently paying $24.95 for two days' worth here in Noosa, just because I can no longer bear to be "non-communicado". I have a strange primeval urge to blog. Very tragically, I cannot post photos using this device (IPad) because the Blogger interface is not compatible. It's a major pain in the wahoo because I feel photos add so much to the blog. Ho hummm. As soon as I get back to "the Mothership" I will rectify that however. I am desperate to post some of our super holiday snaps & of course, my favourite RW snaps of Kate & Wills. So, we are in Noosa right now and more precisely, sitting on the sofa listening to the waves lap the beach below. The plantation shutters are pulled across to shade us from the hot afternoon sun setting slowly across the Sound, as tinnies & kayaks tootle across the water. We've seen a couple of slowly-circling sea eagles diving for fish but there are not as many pelicans as we would like to see. I have been practising swimming in the pool & am thrilled to bits to discover I actually CAN propel myself through the water without flippers. What an inspiring revelation!! I have surrounded myself in a sea of writing paraphernalia, newspaper crosswords, magazines and novels and consider myself in total heaven. I'm still not 100% relaxed but by the time we are ready to come home & go back to work, I will be in a perfect holiday mood! Now, is it too early for a scoop of "Ben & Jerry's"?

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