13 November 2011

I've been published in a NEWSPAPER!

Hi readers!  Well may you ask why I am so Jolly this morning after partying hard with my girlfriends last night (more on that to come).  It's because today, at breakfast with some friends, they announced they'd seen my travel story in the 'paper yesterday.  Well, I knew it was going to happen but I didn't know when so in a flash, I was off and running (literally) to the convenience store down the road, arriving sweaty and red-faced, gasping to the astonished young man behind the counter, "Quick, I need a Courier-Mail urgently!  Do you have any left?"  I tore the through the pages until I found it.  My article.  On Page 32 of the Queensland Life section.  Oh gosh!  WOW.  I am so happy. I can't believe it and am all agog and speechless joy... 
The thing is, I still can not really believe this is happening.  I just need to start accepting the fact that I obviously CAN write stuff people want to read and I need to believe in myself and Fully Make It Happen.  This is no longer a hobby or an interest. It is my New Career and I need to grasp it with both hands.  GiddyUp Jen! 
So, back to the cause for my otherwise seedy Sunday…  Last night I was subjected to my Hen's Night.  Yes, this time in three weeks I shall be a married woman and in honour of the occasion, a few of my wonderful girlfriends took me out for cocktails (note the multiple tense).   One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of Maverick - as a potential new life partner perhaps?  He is a man of few words, no personality and very, very little in the genitalia department, so not really my type (for ALL those reasons, not just the last one … please!)  The lips are scary too.  
We took him dancing at The Buddha Bar where many girls eyed him off enviously but he was mine, all mine!  However, the security staff approached me to tell me that Maverick was to be "imprisoned" in the cloak room because they do not endorse  - quote - "penile paraphenalia".  Well, luckily I was able to whip his puffy little plastic arms away and reveal to Security that Maverick did not pose any threat at all in that department!   He was the hit of the night with many women who otherwise have good taste in men, unable to keep their hands off him!   
Yesterday morning's run group posed happily for me for a "hot" photo for one of my R4YL articles about running in the summer.  It wasn't hard for them as, even running at 6am, we were absolutely toasted.  The humity is hideous!  I'd better steel myself for it though as next weekend I am running in the Endeavour 500km Endurance Relay, which will involve, for most of us, two 5km legs in the middle of the day, along the highways west of Brisbane, where there is no sea breeze.  Luckily the team bus will be kitted out with water pistols, water balloons and spray bottles.  Maverick doesn't yet know, but he is about to launch his running career, coming along on the weekend away as our Team Mascot! 
Laugh of the day (well, ONE of the many laughs of the day) goes to 16th On Park where we go for post-run coffee, who brought us Vegemite toast, with the butter on the side!  What the….?  WHO does not know how to do Vegemite toast, for crying out loud.  This is downright "un-Australian" I say! 

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