01 November 2011

Smells and sounds of spring

So, I am getting the hang of this blogging.  Really, when I think of something I want to share, I need to blog it right then and there or it loses its magic.  And I really need to blog more often.  Now I have time to blog and can't really remember any of the things I wanted to blog about!  It's Melbourne Cup day today and I am celebrating by… working on another story for my R4YL column.  Admittedly, I do enjoy the fashions and hats especially.
 Dita von Teese is SO stylish, all the time. And look at all this wonderful headgear!

And then there are the disasters… Oh dear.  Why?  W.H.Y??  The dress was quite pretty until it became deformed. 
This time in five weeks, Spud and I will be married and possibly lying by the pool on our honeymoon. reading.  My cousins Jonathan and Kim are coming over from LA for it!  They've never been to Australia before so we have bombarded them with information about places to go, things to see and adventures to have with their 5 year-old and now all I suspect we've succeeded in doing is freaking them out with all our ideas!  Last week I baked these DELICIOUS biscuits from the lastest Donna Hay magazine.  
They were absolutely magnificent and I thoroughly recommend baking a batch every week - and then buying new clothes with bigger waistbands.  Off to the physiotherapist now and in three weeks, I am running in a 500km relay over three days so need to be in tip-top condition for that.  I will write again soon! 

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