02 December 2011

Chilling with the folks - literally

Hi everyone!  Today is the eve of my wedding day to the most wonderful man in the universe.  Yep, he is just that....  He is the sunshine to my sunflower (Helianthus annus).  With him in my life, I am blossoming bright and strong and cheerful.  I am so lucky.  So, so, so, so lucky.....
Speaking of sunshine - let's talk about the lack thereof.  Let's talk instead about the southerlies that blow in from Antarctica and make their way up the east coast of Australia, blowing right through gardens with icy brutality on what is supposedly the second day of SUMMER!  The forecast for the next three days, here in Mullumbimby/Byron Bay is not brilliant yet I am determined to be positive.  Unfortunately, we have not actually packed any cold weather clothes.  As a result, I am sitting here in mum's cardigan (which is apparently inside out as I type, a la eccentric writer) with mum's nasty dressing gown over the top.  Spud is wrapped in a blanket somewhere near the heater.  
Tomorrow, I will put on a strapless dress and Spud will wear his new shirt (the one for which he forgot to pack cufflinks) and we will stand in the garden, possibly avoiding being struck by falling twigs and leaves, and we will be married while our friends shiver and snuggle up in their new summer party dresses.  Stop, stop, stop!  I am being a Prophet of Doom!  Tomorrow, the sun will shine all golden and orb like and the wind will take time off from its incessant blustering. I know it will.  We still have 36 hours so why worry now? 
I think that band of cloud off the east coast of Australia is to blame.  My Los Angeles relatives are here now too and are enjoying everything so far.  They've only been here 24hours and most of that has been spent in a delirium of exhaustion or in an unconscious state.  Today they should be much more lively.
Meanwhile, I will dream of looking as red hot as Kate Winslet does in this sensational Stella McCartney optical illusion dress.  I wonder at what time in my life one of these dresses will be affordably available? Doesn't Stella design for Target?

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swell said...

Thanks for the heads up....all my winter gear is sitting in a container somewhere....
but i can jump up and down real fast!
Perhaps you should serve egg nog with double rum???
see you soonxxxxxx