01 June 2012

Tears for Syria...

A way to understand Syria.

If you click on the words above, you will find a link to a blog post I found during the week that really reflects how I feel - only this woman has written oh, so much better than me. So, I thought I would share it with you too.  I never actually got a SINGLE response to my question, by the way!  Guess I will just have to work it out for myself as I go along.

This week I had an interview at The Walkley Foundation to do a three-week internship and I have been successful!  I am going into their offices in September to help them out.  Speaking of which, here is another story you may want to read, written by a Walkley intern that may help shed some light on your questions of Syria.  Have a read. It's beautifully written.  

Now you can tell me WHY I am blogging when I am supposed to be working on my essay?  This is the state of my desk, as of 12 minutes ago.  The cat is sitting right in the middle of it all, licking his paw and washing his ears.  Any excuse to procrastinate and if it must be my cat's bath-time, then so be it.  On a lighter note, after all this misery, this morning I happened upon this photo. It was taken at, apparently, some kind of awards night for "women of glamour" which has confused me really....  

I guess I have a different concept of "glamour" than most.  This is more my idea of "glamour"....  Back to work now! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi J
Love the blog! Loved the links. I feel the same visceral disgust re: Syria. However my lecturer wouldn't be proud of me if I didn't stir up trouble and thought.... Syrians have a 10 year better life expectancy than our indigenous Australians. I'm not sure why but that never stirs outrage??? xxEK.