17 September 2012

Sunday brain scramble

Right about now, I am wishing I was in this picture, reading a NOVEL (as opposed to a textbook or newspaper) and not feeling one tiny bit guilty about doing so.  However, the reality is that I am sitting here at my desk, with a Hummingbird cake baking in the oven, contemplating my uni assignments. I think I am "procrastibaking" again.  
Some of the reading material at the office - which I never have time to read!!

My friend has just been out here at King's Canyon (not her photo though) as part of her sensational-sounding walk along the Larapinta Trail.  She was going to walk one week and volunteer on the trail for the second week.  What a fantastic holiday!  I am going to add it to my lengthy list of Holiday Destinations.  

Spent some time at the uni library last Friday (after photographing this handsome statue guarding the entrance of Brisbane City Hall) learning about an incredibly useful looking reference tool called Endnote.  I've borrowed the installation CD from the library but it made my computer squeak and squeal before finally spitting it out in disgust, telling me it was unable to read it. I did have my doubts as I slid the disc in to be honest....  

Okay, the oven has just 'dinged' so my cake is done.  Well, the time is up. Whether or not the cake is actually cooked is another concept. I have had several bad experiences with the Hummingbird and don't want to replicate them this time.  A raw cake is not a good cake.  The skewer has come out clean but how can you really tell, with all that pineapple in there? I am going to give it five more minutes, just to be safe. I need it to be right as I am taking it to work tomorrow to celebrate my six months at the ABC!!  That's the newsroom (above).   
Meanwhile, spring has sprung and my Saturday morning beginner run group is now able to run with some light.  Last weekend I took the gang upriver to Guyatt Park where we re-grouped for a water stop and to complain about the hills.  An early morning run is such a great way to start the day. I can't believe how good it makes me feel EVERY time.  
One of the girls in my run group took this FANTASTIC photo which is part of the Brisbane Festival, currently happening all around the city.  What did we ever do before Instagram came into our lives?  

Meanwhile, I am finding great solace in my tin as I trawl through journal articles, contemplate the written words of academic types and lick another spoon of leatherwood honey.  I mean, WHAT exactly does this sentence mean?  "However, he rejects the metaphysics of art as solace (the philosophical core of the early text), as misguided late Romanticism under the besotting influence of Wagnerian toxins". 

When it all gets too much, I need to remember to ease up and have a bit of fun, as they obviously have at the school crossing down the road.  

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