26 May 2007

Grunt etiquette

So tell me... What is the etiquette of The Grunt at the gym? I am working hard to get fit & have been attending the gym at least two to three times per week recently. I go with a lady I met through work who is ultra-fit & who has taken me on board as her 'project' of sorts. I have to admit that in just two weeks, I have seen amazing results. However, I digress... When I get onto that bike & Elizabeth is harassing me to keep it over 100 rpm whilst on Grade 6, the sweat is pouring off me & I moan & groan. It's pure torture! Then, when we get on the rowing machine I really come into my own. I love the rowing machine but it's HARD WORK & for the last minute, I go as hard as I can. Ohmygod! I am really grunting, the perspiration is pouring & it's a Serious Effort. I try to keep my noises under control but it's like I've entered another zone. Today, while giving the bike another flogging, a couple of little groans of agony crept out & before long, the man on the bike next to mine slunk off. Do you think I was too noisy?
Here's a photo of my dad in his tub at Lake Tahoe, circa 1932. This time in ONE WEEK Steve & I will be at 30,000 feet, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, enjoying the sights & sounds of a Qantas economy flight. Yippee! We are both starting to get incredibly excited. I have started to Put Stuff on the Bed in preparation for our holiday. I have put aside the clothes I Am Not Going To Wear until we go. The cat is acting suspiciously (ie being very clingy & cuddly). I know I should not wish this next week away because half the fun of the holiday is the anticipation but I can't help myself. I am still worrying about the flight but have decided that I can get at least two gin & tonics down the hatch before take-off at 1.30pm which may relax me a little. I'll need a good book too though I am hoping there are a couple of good movies to be seen...
I have to go to bed. I am completely exhausted & it's only 7:38pm on a Saturday night. I went to the gym this afternoon & ran for 20 minutes, or 3km, whichever sounds better (also my all time personal record) and it seems to have thrown me into Major Meltdown. I am aching all over. Eeeek :o(

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Anonymous said...

Go the Grunt girl! I am sure that it helps alot! I cant believe that you are off on Saturday!! any time 4 a quick coffee on friday afternoon??? Leigh :-)