24 May 2007

This time in two weeks...

Oh crumbs! Here I go with my standard pre-holiday countdown. My excitement levels are building quickly now with the knowledge that this time in one week, I'll be packing my suitcase and this time in two weeks? I'll be in San Francisco with my beloved (& my mum)!!! We are off to the USA on 2 June for two weeks for a Williams Family Reunion. I have compiled the Family Tree & have traced us back to Richard Williams, born 1710. I have no idea where he was born but his son John Williams was born in 1736 in New Jersey, and since that time, we Williamses (with the exception of Hugh & I) have stayed in America. We are going to be burying my dad, Frank's, ashes in a cemetery in Clay Center, Kansas - beside his parents. It's going to be quite a shindig as we have relative coming from LA, NYC, Texas, Minnesota, Colorado & Washington DC as well as a bunch of homegrown Kansas rellies whom I've never met! It should be quite a weekend! I can't wait - and Steve is quite excited too. He's only ever been to the US once & that was to a weekend conference in Las Vegas in the early 1980's so... San Francisco, Kansas and Napa are going to give him a totally different idea, don't you think? This is a photo of my dad (the blond one) & Uncle Terry taken in about 1935. I have heaps of photos & have put together a "book" thingo full of information about all the generations. I joined Ancestry.com & it's been a fantastic tool to put together info. Anyway, stay tuned to my blog over the next few weeks folks & I will keep you posted about the fun we have - especially the fun in Kansas. I think it's going to be something else... !!

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