07 May 2007

Photo flip-out & major statements

Okay, so after about 2 hours of dicking about trying to work out how to insert photographs into my blog, I am ready to start again.. It seems I have to add the photos first, then put in my text. This is going to call for Serious Planning. Oh dear. So much for Twinkling Daily. Can't seem to find the time to update this blog as regularly as I'd like. Subsequently, I keep telling Steve, "remind me to write about that in my blog!" and then we both forget. However, I'm not going to do another rant today. You may be wondering what's with the murdered chocolate wombat to the right here. It's Steve's Easter present. I've since learned that he is incapable of smashing a chocolate animal & certainly of biting one's head off - or back end. I've been asked never to give the gift of chocolate animals again. So, it was left to me to put temptation to an end & dissect the chocolate offering & consume it as soon as possible. I've made a Very Rash Statement today to the effect that I intend not to eat any more chocolate until we get to the Ghirardelli factory in San Francisco in one month http://www.ghirardelli.com/chocopedia/history.aspx. What was I thinking!! How will I make it through another 30 days?
Spent the weekend at mum's at Mullumbimby and found this snoozing python nestled amongst the bromeliads in the greenhouse. Isn't he beautiful? No doubt snoozing off his own small animal treat!

Whilst at mum's we tried to work out our San Francisco itinerary. Only about one month 'til we go! We've got a day trip planned to Yosemite National Park as well as some walking tours around different areas of San Francisco. We'll have about four days in SFO before flying out to Kansas for our Williams Family Reunion and my dad's memorial service. We are going to bury his ashes beside his parents in Clay Center, KS, the little town where he grew up. It has a population of about 4000 and is pretty well dead centre in the middle of the USA. So, in preparation for my trip down the Yellow Brick Road, I've lashed out on a pair of the World's Most Comfortable, Blissfully-to-Wear shoes, in red, of course. Bring me Toto & the TinMan and Kansas - here we come!!

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coffeeMate said...

Chocolate seems to be a recurring theme! (can't say I blame you for that). San Fran will be so much fun. I'm jealous....