19 May 2007

So much for "daily" twinklings... hmmmffff!

What am I doing with my Life that I never have time to blog? I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post! I can't really recall what is keeping me from my responsibilities as an Effective Communicator other than work, work, work & my family tree presentation. Only two weeks now until Steve & I are flying over the Pacific Ocean on our way to San Francisco & Kansas & the Williams Family Reunion! In fact, exactly two weeks from this moment (3.59pm), we will be sipping G&T's (for the nerves darlings!) as we snuggle into our seats, avoiding elbows & toes from our neighbours. We'll have the latest Harry Potter movie playing and will be ignoring the bottoms in our faces from the passengers standing in the aisle beside us, lined up to use the 'loo. If we are Very Lucky, we might even get a seat right near the galley so we can hear Qantas gossip all night! Oh, the Joy of Economy! I have told Steve that on No Account do I ever want to be upgraded because I would miss the Joy of Economy too much to enjoy the flight.
We are actually getting really very excited & have gone so far as to start Laying Stuff on the Spare Bed in preparation. My brother Hugh & mum will leave Sydney next week as they are having a week in LA before meeting us in San Fran. I have double-checked my passport expiry date & the only thing that is worrying me now is that I will be stopped at US Cusoms for tax evasion or something... Gulp! Gosh I've got an imagination - especially at 4am...
I've attached a photo of the Most Glorious flowers that my boss gave to us last week. Both Caroline & I had a huge bunch delivered to us at work with a note telling us how great we are! Isn't that fab? You just don't get that kind of appreciation when you're working as a hospital nurse. What else has been happening? I keep thinking of things to mention in the blog & then, of course, I forget them :o( Part of my loss of memory could probably be linked to the way I'm currently feeling & which has made me think I should change the name of my blog to:
"The Hot Flush"
Caroline, my co-worker, has bought me some kind of Chinese herbal remedy & I'm supposed to swallow 8 little balls, three times per day, to relieve the urge to tear off my shirt & kick off my shoes - at any time! However, on reading the ingredients (in Mandarin), I am sure all I'm consuming is hamster poo mixed with ground elk horn.... :o/
This week I've watched, "Paper Moon" with Ryan & Tatum O'Neill and "Under the Tuscan Sun" - both movies which I really enjoyed so Swell! Take that! I know I can be quite vitriolic about movies but both of these were really enjoyable. Maybe it goes to Hell in a Handbag when I have some kind of expectation? Tonight we're going to re-watch "Sideways" as part of our Napa Valley homework IF I can drag Steve away from U-Tube.
Got to go! Off to the gym! Yes.... that's what I said: G.Y.M. I have been going about three times per week with one of our patients who has been flogging my arse big time & I can hardly walk afterwards but I think I am getting fitter! I've even lashed out & bought my first ever Sports Bra (reduces the bounce - so that tag says. Yes, I have bounce!!!)

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