06 June 2007

Where do I start?

Hi Happy Readers!
Oh my gosh! Where do I start? Where? Well, it's 6.20am here & about 11pm there. I am sitting in the lobby of the hotel using the email service at $4 for 20 mins so will type fast because after the 20 mins, it turns to $10 and let me tell you that all those nasty little greenbacks seem to disappear quite fast! Anyway, I am drinking the poxy coffee (which isn't too bad) & listening to the hotel staff chatting away in Spanish because the honkies (white folks) aren't out of bed yet. This neighbourhood where we are staying is right in the centre of the city but it's not far from here to a neighbourhood called The Tenderloin where I have never seen so many bums in all my days. Yesterday we saw them having a bit of biffo - my bet is a drug deal gone bad. Enough about the locals who, in general, are very friendly though you would be wouldn't you when it meant a tip? Ohhh, so cynical am I! Okay, enough of all that - just trying to Set the Scene! So, what have we done since I last wrote? Well, I have had my Ben & Jerry "hit". One kiddy-size scoop of "Cherry Garcia" while Steve had something with triple caramel. It has not taken long for us to learn to always ask for kiddy serves or to share a meal. There is SO MUCH FOOD! The meals are MASSIVE. The kiddy scoop was the size of a normal Australian one scoop, maybe even bigger? Oh I can feel my arse expanding... :o( We have also done a bit of shopping, went to the SF art gallery (which was closed as I had read the guide book incorrectly. The writing is too small!!!) and basically walked around with our eyes on stalks. Fisherman's Wharf is no longer on the itinerary after driving past. The Very Best Thing we have done so far was yesterday's trip to Yosemite National Park. Oh my gosh you guys!! It was GORGEOUS! So, so, so beautiful! I took lots of photos but unfortunately, have no way of getting them from my camera on to this blog @#$%^&*. It was quite chilly & even started pouring while we were there. We drove there in a soybean-fueled biodiesel vehicle that went like the clappers. It was quite terrifying. Dave, the guide, was driving at 136klm/hr home on the freeway! Who knew old chip oil could be such a winner? The park was rather crowded but not unbearably so though it would be scary there in peak season. We saw (Woody) woodpeckers, squirrels and deer but no (Yogi) bears which was a shame. We were looking so hard that every log looked like a bear though. The trees were absolutely spectactular. It was a fabulous day. Steve is upstairs bombed out of his tree as he took two sleeping tablets last night & is eventually getting a decent snooze. I am watching my timer here & the pressure is ON! Thank you to everyone for leaving comments. I LOVED reading them this morning. It's amazing how much a little snippet from home can make you feel so good! I am loving it here but it's just a tiny bit weird... Comprendo? Got to go! Will write again from Kansas! Hope you are all having fun!! xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen well you are probably careering around the country side and our day is coming to an end.
Well you have missed a terrific down pour it has RAINED FOR TWO DAYS.
Everything much the same here computor problems to many patients no Doctor the usual.
We Look forward to your daily updates to put some comedy in the day.
Looking forward to tomorrows edition of the daily twinkle.
see ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
Lil and treacle are such sooks...a little bit of rain and they can't get their feet wet!! So funny in the morning trying to get them outside for the amenities! Well, you sound like things are going smoothly. Has the urn carrier arrived yet? Will try and write a snippet again tomorrow but truly little Lil is loving her holiday! x