07 June 2007

I left my wart in San Francisco

Yes... today is our last day here. We are off to Kansas. However, I am feeling Quite Distressed this morning as yesterday, while we were down at Ghiradelli Square, my camera decided to Pack It In. I thought it was just the battery needing a charge but apparently it is not that. The irony of the Magnificent and Multiple photo opportunities that are about the present themselves to me with my family reunion, my dad's memorial service (and let's not forget the scenery of Kansas and Napa ahead of me) is not lost and I am trying very hard not to go into a full blown Spazz Out. We are heading to the airport early today so I am going to Stay Positive in the hope that there will be a good camera shop with a brilliant camera technician in this smallish Kansas university town that we are headed for. I can't believe my @#$%^&* camera has decided that now is the time to stop working after being perfectly perfect for the past two years. We are all pretty well ready to move on from San Francisco now though we did have a lovely day yesterday. We rode the cable cars & went up to Russian Hill and did a guided walk (a la the Guide Book). We then jumped on another cable car to Ghirdelli Square & walked along the waterfront a bit. It was a truly gorgeous day & not nearly as freezing as it has been. We took another cable car to the Embarcadero. Mum has become a bit of a Cable Car Addict. She loved them! The funniest thing yesterday was the fruit plate mum ordered for her brekky. When it came out, we all started laughing because there was enough fruit there to feed an entire cage of monkeys for a week. I took a photo... (sigh!). I had better sign off as this computer is being hand-cranked by a little mouse & is so slow that it took me 8 minutes of my precious time to just get onto this blog. I will write more from Lawrence but alas! No photos for the time being. So excited about the Brisbane rain - yippeeeeee!! See you! :o/
PS: Carolyn, that title is for yours & Tony's benefit. Wink, wink.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen
Where's your wart that Uncle Tony know's about it??

Anonymous said...


We love SanFrancisco, you've just brought back all our wonderful memories.

Love your blog

Cathie Wood