18 June 2007

Here's the photo album!

Here I am with Steve and my good friend Jenny who flew to Napa from Austin, Texas to meet up with us for a few days. She was the Driver of the Monster Truck...

Lance Armstrong - eat my dust & weep baby! Elation & jubilation at the end of 30 kms in searing heat. What a champ!

Napa Valley view taken from the first winery we stopped at on our bike ride.

My kind of road sign - seen in Napa Valley.
Love it! :o)
Just a little ole 'burger.... Eeeeek!

Yosemite Valley - photo taken by me & not bought in postcard shop. It's that easy to take a fantastic photo here!

And these are all the beautiful, talented & incredibly fabulous Williams kids!

These are the happy, smiling & utterly contented partners of the Williamses below. See how relaxed & in love they all are? That's because we Williamses are so fantastic to be with!! Yep! It's the truth! From L to R are Steve, Trish, Lauren, Diane & Kim

This is the photo Steve took while we were trying to get the "official" shot. Here I am with my brother Hugh & my cousins John (with his son), Peter & Stephen and their dad, my Uncle Terry, dad's older brother.

The parking lot of Mac's Diner in Clay Center Kansas, where we went after dad's memorial service for a "memorable" meal. Apparently it's the best place in town....

My new Converse sneakers with their ladybugs & daisies!

Lucy, Jen, Ellis & Ivy in Lawrence, Kansas.

The iPod vending machine we found in San Francisco. What next?

Where do I join up?

A bit of San Francisco fog sliding in...

We took mum out on the town to Harry Denton's Starlight Room, a slightly sleazy 70's era rooftop bar at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel where she had a boogie to vintage Madonna. Hugh had to remind the DJ to turn on the disco ball to give the place its special "ambience". Steve enjoyed the waitresses blue satin gowns however, split to the thigh, who came by with cocktails such as "The Cablecar" and glasses of brandy. It reminded me alot of my student nursing days...

To help one ease the discomfort of the gas caused by eating GIGANTIC quantities of food (ie fruit or too many "Cablecars") just pop a little Gas Prevention Therapy!

Feeding time in the chimp cage. See Steve's specs to give you some perspective!

View of the Golden Gate Bridge. Note the flatness of the water caused by the freezing, icy, frigid, sub-Arctic, Mt Everest-type wind blowing across the water... :o/

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Heffalump said...

Dear Ms TwinkleToes
I happened across your blog by accident as a link to another regular view and was happy to find you've just 'switched sides'. I had missed your posts on the previous blog.
I need to catch up on all your new blogging but it seems you've just had a F.A.B. time in the US. Pix are grand.
Don't go getting any big ideas about switching to 'their' side though.