25 June 2007

Listening to the drips

Well, I am truly Back from Holidays. The first credit card bills have arrived, it's garbage night, the dog needs a bath... Back to the same-old, same-old routine. Still, I have many happy & wonderful memories & now we can start planning our next visit. It's a wonderfully rainy, cold & misty night & we are snuggled up here at home, cozy & warm in our tracky dax & woolly socks. Lovely! Steve is terribly unwell tonight with the dreaded winter 'flu so is totally miserable. I'm busy dropping echinacea, zinc & Vit C like M&Ms in an attempt to hold it at bay. I don't want it interfering in my training schedule (yes, I did say that). I voluntarily ran about 15kms last week AND incorporated a visit to the gym! It's a miracle! I shouldn't get too excited because it's early days yet but I am LOVING this 'running' caper. It's really great! I just have to be sure now that I don't injure myself. For a girl - errr, I mean "woman" who has basically been a couch potato all her life, I am a wonder to myself! I think running in a group is a great incentive because when I think that I just can't do it, I think about everyone else finishing & I push myself. It's all about The Push - something I've never really done to myself before but lordy, how I wish I had about 25 years ago when still in high school....
Oh Heffalump, I can't tell you quite how pleased I was that you found your way to this blog. How you did that, I am not going to wonder about too much. I did dive out of the bigpond pretty suddenly & didn't leave a forwarding address so I'm pleased that my One & Only Regular Reader & Commentator has found me over here at Blogspot. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Dear jenny jane
Just coz i don't comment on every entry does not mean I am not an avid reader and follower of your life!!
Love from Lil's other Mother