24 July 2007

Techno OD

Firstly, I have to say that there is nothing like looking at other blogs to make me realise mine is just plain daggy & I am not a brilliant writer & no-one is one bit interested in anything I have to say because I am not nearly as witty or eloquent as my fellow bloggers. Yes I know... woe is moi! Well, I'm tired & it's been another long day & I am busy wallowing in my bog of misery. What's wrong with that? Check out the Caffeinated Librarian for example: http://caffeinatedlibrarian.blogspot.com/
I'm sitting here at home before my Mac listening to a regular, rhythmic beeping that has been going on with no sign of imminent battery failure since I got home an hour ago. I think it may be a burglar alarm (perhaps?) from the empty house across the road that is looking for a tenant. Can't wait to see if it is still beeping at 3am! Yay... :o(
So, I'm having a big week of Reflection this week. It's perpetuated by my continued reading of "Gogo Mamas" (see my blog entry a couple back). That book is gut wrenching. I keep referring back to it when I think "ooooh, I'm having a shit day" and then I remember that I am actually living a brilliant life. So, with that up my sleeve, I put my new iPod into commission. I've never done the "music via the cords to the ears" thing before & have oftened wondered how people can be so obsessed with music that they have to listen to it on the bus, walking the street, in the supermarket etc. Well, that was until I did it for myself! Wow! Snuggling those buds into my auditory canals sent me into another world! Suddenly the blinkers were off & I could see why people are ga-ga about ambulatory music. It made me feel somehow alien to the actual world. The grime and filth and bustle and humdrum of daily life disappeared & I was transported into a peaceful world of my own invention. I felt I was in a bubble I guess. I LOVED IT! On the other hand, this week I saw the first movie of myself and it was a horrible shock. It was Very Confronting and I haven't recovered. Yes, this is all thanks to the iMac. The iPod was tossed in to the sale and then I discovered I can make a little movie to send to my relatives. So, here was I thinking my 15 minutes of fame is imminent & I would just try a test run. Yuk! I should have known that my future does not lie before the camera when I reviewed a photo of myself standing next to Elle Macpherson in a Year 10 netball team photo but this little test film confirmed it all. I had a completely different idea of what I look like & what I sound like. I have a speech impediment! And my mouth is kind of twisted to the side!! Listen, I am NOT a vain person. This is the woman who has not had a front tooth since she was seven and who shaved her head bald a couple of years ago, so it's not vanity that is causing this reaction. I think it's just a confrontation of reality after a lifetime built on self-made myth. Freaky. Needless to say, no more movies for a little while yet.
Oh & I suppose you want to know about the running. Well, I'm currently jinxed. First a cold, then last week I took a major tumble (ie went down like a sack of potatoes) and stuffed my knee and big toe. So, I am officially in "setback mode" but I'm sure I've covered all options now for not running. Less than two weeks until my first race!
Spent Sunday morning wandering through Toowong Cemetery as I'd been told it's "very interesting". Well, my first reaction was that it was incredibly depressing as alot of the graves are in absolute ruin. It's such a shame that it's so run down but I guess it would cost a bomb to get it looking good again. On top of that are the vandals & the drought & the movement of the earth & all that concrete just doesn't do well after 100 years or so, does it? It's a huge place though and I must say, the most amazing location to pick up some lovely old fashioned names such as Bessie, Maud, Eliza & Ivy. I was doing quite well until we came to a rather lovely memorial for a family's FOUR sons who all died within 3 years of eachother during WW1 and they lost a baby daughter too! That much loss and despair brought on the waterworks for me. So sad!

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heffalump said...

Dear Ms TwinkleToes
Despair ye not! Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the efforts of French Toast Girl and CaffeinatedLibrarian etc, but rest assured you certainly OUTclass countless other bloggers! Do you need to feel Top of the Tree? Your faithful readers look forward to your every post - just keep 'em coming, okay?
PS: Thought of you as I was devouring my brontosaurus shanks last night.