17 July 2007

Baking Blitz

Well happy readers - it's official. I've lost my Cake Magic. I used to whip out a good gateau but nowadays, it seems more often than not, my cake is an utter flop. This weekend I attempted one of my favourites (when cooked by someone else) - a carrot & pineapple cake for my co-worker's birthday. It looked completely perfect when I extricated it from the oven. The top was brown, the sides had pulled away from the pan etc but after it had cooled for five mins, the middle caved in & revealed a globby, soggy mush :o( Upon advice from my best buddy Annie, I cut the middle out in a shapely manner, thinking I could fill it with strawberries, or something along those lines, but doing this only revealed that the only part of the blasted cake that was actually cooked was the rim!!!!!
This is NOT a pic of MY cake. I think I will just stick with brownies. They are failure proof.

Took the boss' surgical scissors in for engraving today and asked the engraver what was the most bizarre thing he'd ever been asked to engrave? Apparently a love-smitten New Guinea tribesman brought in his toenail & requested a heart be engraved upon it. How romantic! It makes that fire extinguisher I received from a boyfriend look positively utilitarian!


Anonymous said...

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Madam Topple said...

Excuse me 'J Said' but you are CRASHING my blog so bugger off & take your advertising mumbo jumbo elsewhere... Merci.