28 August 2007

Eclipsing Mme Ramotswe

Well, I have put aside my re-read of "The Number One Ladies Detective Agency" and all Mme Ramotswe's adventures to watch the magificent and awe-inspiring lunar eclipse from my back door. Honestly, it's just wonderful to see. Initially, I do admit, it looked Interesting enough but... well... yawn.... However, once I'd seen it through the binoculars, I changed my tune. The binoculars enabled me to really see how beautiful it is. The moon seems like a gently glowing orb suspended in the universe, glowing gold and amber and red. I wish I could be more evocative in my description because it's truly something special to behold. I'm must going to wipe the chocolate cake crumbs off my chin & go check it out. Back in a mo'... Mmmmmm. just as good & even a bit of bluey/green to see. Isn't the world just incredible? Last weekend we went to an orchid show & you should have seen the absolutely mind-boggling orchids that rivalled any man-made wonder. Am still agonising at my mawkish, fawning and gushing behaviour last night in the presence of Mr McCall Smith. Better get my behavioural patterns under control prior to my gig as Assistant Venue Manager (posh eh?) at the Brisbane Writers Festival in September. One of my shifts is in the Armistead Maupin session so had better act the Cool, Calm & Poised Professional - gulp! Bedtime for me. Cheerio! :o)

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