27 August 2007

Meeting Alexander

Oh gosh Avid Readers! I have been SO, SO, SO slack about writing this blog. All the symptoms are there... a feeling of wanting to start a Whole New Blog is always a bad sign. I'm constantly tormented by my lack of talent. "Who the fuck really cares?" I have to remind myself. And now? Now that I have met the famous and prolific Alexander McCall Smith, my Very Favourite Author of All Time, and shaken his hand & generally acted like a completely over-awed goofball whilst in his presence, I feel my literary skills are Worse Than Ever! Yessss readers, tonight I attended a - well, what would you call it? A meeting? A session? A visitation? with my chum (!) Alexander at City Hall. Okay, so the more cynical of you will say that his books are not real & not gritty enough but that's what I love. They are pure, delightful fantasy. Whimsical vignettes of everyday life. Insights into people. Reading his books makes me HAPPY! Reading his books gives me Hope. So, as you can imagine, I am in the full throes of delight, similar to my feelings of ecstasy after finishing my Bridge to Brisbane 4.5km run in 24:18mins and coming 620th out of a field of about 6000+ runners! Luckily I haven't blogged for a while because there would be many of you rolling your eyeballs at the mention of that bloody race yet again but I am So Full of Myself that I haven't calmed down yet, three weeks or so after the event. How dull I am! What else has been happening? I am training hard for the Women's 10km Classic on 9 September. I still haven't actually run 10 kilometres but I am quite sure that, on the day, inspired by the throng about me, that I will be able to pull one out of the hat & do the job. My boss has been a complete Treasure Chest & gave me and my co-worker a voucher EACH for us to spend a night at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast to say Thank You for all our hard work!! We are so excited because it's Très Posh & there is no way either of us would ever pay the $$ to stay there (the caravan park down the road is probably more to our budgets). Now we are in a panic about ensuring we are Faux Tanned before we get there & by the way, where can you buy a Size 14 gold lamé bikini - and some budgie smugglers for the boys to go with their gold chains?

Here's a photo of my dog LillyPilly. I felt I needed to put a photo of some sort in here. I have been in a techno reject mode lately & still haven't quite worked out what is happening with my iPhoto but now I am too tired to bother with it. Yes, of course, it's 9pm and waaaay past my bedtime as my True Friends will appreciate. Hard to believe this very woman could work 'til 11pm , stay out all night & return for a 7am shift. Was that really me? Then again, a lot of what went on 20 years ago could & would never be repeated. Ahhh maturity! Good night! I will go to bed dreaming of the novel that is inside me despite Mr McCall Smith telling all of us that, when we have that feeling, we should get an x-ray :o) Will try to be a better correspondent. I know there are plenty of things to write about but I just never do it. This blog needs to be a conduit for my creative literary urges. Maybe I could write about dry cleaners? Or about how people take their pets to the vet because they have eaten two less cat biscuits than they normall do. Yes, you heard right. I read that in the Sydney Morning Herald this weekend. Oh people are so nutty!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, you always make me laugh/smile/giggle. you are a literary genius! xoxo leigh