10 December 2007

Don't think I have it in me...

Dearest Happy Readers... Woe is moi. I am obviously a completely dodgy blogger! I just can't sustain this thing & here was I thinking I was a closet scribe. Pah! I have gotten into the Facebook phenomenon lately, following an invitation to join by my compadre Swellgal57 & I am having a big of a diddle about with that but I must say that I DO find it a bit confusing & over-stimulating. I also didn't realise how Facebook worked so created myself an Alter Ego (Lady Iona of Lochaber) which has backfired on me just a bit. However, I must remember, as with running, this blogging/social networking caper is all just a Bit of Fun, eh wot? Now the exciting thing I see on my blog template here is that I can add a wee movie and possibly do some editing of my HTML, which I was unable to do before. Hopefully my blog will look a little tidier as a result. So, I need to fill you all in on my news. Where shall I start? Okay, let's start with the running (one of my current favourite topics). Basically, November has been a Rubbish Month for the running. I've had two chunky chest colds, back to back which was No Help whatsoever. I did however go on a Mammoth 14km run which completely surprised me, as well as half killing me. I was so Full of Myself readers! The bad news was that I actually developed tendonitis in my foot as a result so that put me on the back burner. I even had to see a podiatrist! On a happier note, Steve & I had a little holiday down the south coast of NSW, at Hyams Beach (on Jervis Bay). It was GORGEOUS though it did rain rather heavily and the temperature dropped to about 16 degrees centigrade which was not conducive to working on one's tan... Here are a couple of snaps: (the view from our front porch)
It was a very relaxing holiday, despite the cold and wet, but we didn't really realise how far it is to drive all the way down there. It was about 1200km! After reading and hearing about what my friends (& some patients) are doing over Christmas or have planned for next year, I've started thinking about holidays for 2008 too though how I will pay for them, I have No Idea! I have friends off to Switzerland, Canada & Fiji for Christmas & others with trips planned to Antarctica (a patient) and to South America and I am feeling a bit gloomy that all I have on my horizon is athree days at Brunswick Heads! So tragic.... Aren't I pathetic?
I am going to sign off for today now & check out how this looks. I will be back however so Stay Tuned! Listen, forget all my glowing praise for Blogger. I can't get it to upload some of my photos! Why IS that? @#$%^&* Curses! I am going to have a go at uploading a video I made when we were at Australia Zoo. Let's see if this works.... Nope! It didn't. Arrrrghhhh! Bloody technology! It makes me go loopy! Let's try another photo: ..... Okay, I am off to walk the dog. Bah Humbug. :o(

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