15 December 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Good afternoon Happy Readers - I'm sitting here with the western sun beating mercilessly against the window of the study, setting the temp in here to a low simmer. Meanwhile, all around the house spiders industriously spin their webs. I'm thinking of my friend Turk going to Switzerland for Christmas, Swell and my boss to Canada (not together), one of our patients off to Antarctica... And I am getting myself into a lather as I pack my togs & prepare for a visit to Brunswick Heads. I am so craving some snow. I feel it every year but I think each year, the desire gets a little stronger. Never fear - I have a passport and I have a job so I can start saving for next year, can't I then? Last night the boss took us to dinner at a Very Fancy restaurant called "Restaurant 2" in the city. We had the most delicious meal & drank lots of fabulous vino. I am still reminiscing about the gnocchi I had and the cheese platter for dessert... It was a very fun & special night. Unfortunately, this morning I awoke feeling a wee bit seedy :o( but I'm sure that was due to eating that slice of bread on the side.
My most exciting moment of the week was when I discovered I could foster an orphaned baby elephant via the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.
I have been watching "Elephant Diaries" and have enjoyed it so much that I thought I would read up about it. I really felt I wanted to contribute in some way and fostering an elephant is a perfect solution! It's not even super expensive! My elephant is Lualeni and I would love to attach a photo to this blog but I'm not sure how I can right now.

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Heffalump said...

Dear Dodgy Blogger
Nice photo update of you and your beloved. What a handsome couple! And don't fret too much about missing out on that cold white powdery stuff - you can substitute boiling hot white powdery stuff from the beach at B/H! Who needs Copper Mountain?
What's that? Oh, ok. We all do. Sigh.